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Oversized Everyday Corded Ribbed Sweatshirts Multiple Colors

Oversized Everyday Corded Ribbed Sweatshirts Multiple Colors

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Elevate your casual look with our Everyday Corded Ribbed Sweatshirts. Available in multiple colors, these sweatshirts are perfect for anyone who likes to stay comfy while also looking cute. These are perfect to wear with leggings!

  • Oversized fit: These sweatshirts have an oversized fit, providing a relaxed and comfortable feel.
  • Corded ribbed texture: The corded ribbed texture adds an interesting detail to the classic sweatshirt design.
  • Buttery soft material: Made from a buttery soft material, these sweatshirts are perfect for everyday wear and will keep you cozy all day long.

Care Instructions: Our Everyday Corded Ribbed Sweatshirts are machine washable for your convenience. You can easily maintain their softness and quality without worrying about any damage to the fabric or color fading.

Add these versatile sweaters to your wardrobe today and enjoy unmatched comfort with effortless style!


100% polyester


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